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Top 4 Tips to Get Your Garden Ready

March 6, 2019
Ken Burger

Gardening and planting in the springtime are some of the most liberating experiences of the whole year. We get to access our inner child, play in the dirt, and make something beautiful and functional. Making sure that you are prepared for spring to come is the most crucial step to ensuring that your garden will thrive all year long. If you want to get a head start this year or want to learn more about how you can take your garden to the next level, visit us at Burger Farm & Garden Center today!

Clear Out the Weeds and Debris

Weeds and “volunteer” or unwanted plants actively work against your garden’s health. Your soil has a limited amount of nutrients in it, and weeds soak up those nutrients, taking them away from the plants you have worked so hard to plant. Weeding before you plant your garden will allow you to keep those precious nutrients in your soil. Now is also the time to clear your yard of any debris like dead grass, leaves and dog feces that may have accumulated over the winter. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide like Preen, Dimension or even organic Corn Gluten Meal to your garden will aid in keeping those pesky weeds out of your garden. Our expert staff at Burger Farm & Garden Center can help guide you through this process.

Prepare your Flower Beds and Vegetable Garden

Getting the soil ready for your gardening project is one of the most important steps to ensuring proper plant growth. From flowers to vegetables, all plants require the same basic nutrients to grow, but certain plants require different balances of each nutrient.

You can revitalize your soil for the coming season by adding compost from your own compost pile, adding composted cow manure or by using organic or chemical fertilizers. Be careful to always follow the application directions with fertilizers as too much fertilizer can actually burn and hurt your plants. You can always pick up a soil PH kit from Burger Farm & Garden Center to see exactly what your soil needs to produce beautiful and fruitful plants.

Prune Your Shrubs and Trees

When the final frost has passed, it is time to remove any coverings you may have used to protect your shrubs and assess their pruning needs. Once you have uncovered your shrubs, you should remove any dead wood that was damaged from the winter weather. If you cut a branch and it is brown through and through, the wood is most likely dead. Dead wood should always be pruned off, as it will actively hinder your plant’s growth.

Live wood on your shrubs and trees can be pruned for two reasons: overall plant health and your preference for aesthetics. For shrubs that bloom early in spring, pruning now will cut back your shrub’s ability to flower to its full potential. If you are noticing buds forming on your shrubs, try to avoid pruning now. If your shrubs and trees flower later in the year, pruning will stimulate new growth and in turn increase your plant’s overall beauty.

Shrubs the bloom early and shouldn’t be pruned in the spring include:





Shrubs that bloom later and can be pruned now include:


Butterfly Bushes

Rose of Sharon


Plan Out Your Plants

When it comes to gardening, having a great game plan will pay dividends. Deciding what plants and vegetables you want to plant this spring will allow you to establish a planting schedule and have your yard looking beautiful. Pick out your favorite veggies and flowers at Burger Farm & Garden Center to get the best local plants at unbeatable prices.