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Perennials are Mother Nature’s gift of spring as these plants come back year after year. Some perennials need full sun while others do best in partial to full shade. Perennials also offer the gardener a bit of creativity in landscape design as these plants vary in blooming time from early spring until late fall.  We offer hundreds of various perennials in the Spring and below are just a few images.

Perennials have various growth habits from weeping to upright and come in various forms and pot sizes.  Our perennial plant displays and pot labels make it easy to purchase the right plants for your location.

Our perennial selections are offered in

  • Flats/Trays (up to 36 plants each) (Ground covers only)
  • 3” pots
  • 1 quart pots
  • 1 gallon pots

Some of our Favorites

Note: Pictures are representative images of flowers, but may not reflect actual color or current inventory