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The Most Beautiful Yards in Cincinnati come from Burger Farm and Garden Center. Family owned and operated since 1904, we supply all of your landscape and gardening needs in one convenient spot. We provide our customers the freshest plants and best gardening accessories in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our full time staff has over 220 years of experience in the gardening business and are always ready to help. Throughout the year Burger Farm also transforms itself into holiday specific attractions for Halloween and Christmas!

Burger Farm History

If you’ve lived in the area for more than thirty years, you probably know that we really were a working farm. In 1904 our great grandfather bought three adjoining farms along ST. RT. 32 and Little Dry Run Rd for his three sons. Our grandfather, Joseph, started what was to become the largest Brown Swiss dairy farm in all of Southwest Ohio until about 1950. In addition to dairy farming, we also raised a couple hundred hogs and sold country fresh eggs on our 55 acres. Our large white barn that makes up most of the retail center today is one of the oldest in Hamilton County and has timbers in it that date back prior to 1880.

It was in the early 50’s that the Board of Health modified the milk handling procedures and required all milk to be piped through stainless steel pipes from the barn to the milk house where the local dairyman would come and pick up the milk. The cost to upgrade was so expensive, our grandfather decided to quit the dairy business and planned to move the family to Wilmington and raise field crops. It was during this time that he sold the mineral rights to Ohio Gravel, but the move to Wilmington never occurred. It seems the farmhouse and barn they were going to buy was riddled with termites, so the deal never went through. The family decided to stay put and from the 1950’s to the mid 1960’s; we raised field corn, soy beans and wheat. In the 60’s to the 70’s, our father Delbert, switched crops and started raising sugar corn and fresh vegetables. He had a little wooden shed that he would drag out by the roadside when the crops were ripe and people knew that farm fresh produce was ready. During this time, we would hand pick and sell about a thousand dozen ears of corn per day throughout the growing season.

All was good until the early 1980’s, when Ohio Gravel came back and exercised their right to mine out the sand and gravel from the farm land they purchased the rights to thirty years prior. The days of corn and fresh produce were over so our family business transitioned once again, but this time, into the garden center business it is today. In 1987, when Ohio Gravel was finished with the mining; our family bought back the ground which then was a 65 foot deep, 35 acre hole in the ground. Since then we have been filling in the hole with solid construction debris and hope to be finished soon.

Our family plans to develop the property in the near future with family oriented and community needed entities that lack on the east side of town and also expand our current fall festival by adding more agri-tourism type educational activities. Our family is ecstatic about finally being able to reclaim and repurpose the land that our family heritage was built on and look forward to what we can build in the coming years. So thanks to a little termite, four generations of hard work and determination; the family business is still going strong today and we look forward to what the future will bring.