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March Gardening To-Do List

March 18, 2019
Ken Burger

March is here and there are a few things that you need to do to make sure that your yard and garden are ready to thrive this spring. A little bit of prep work now will go a long way for your garden’s overall health. From simple lawn care to starting your seedlings, taking care of some simple tasks can really lighten your load this spring. If you are looking for expert advice and all the supplies you need to get started off on the right foot, come into Burger Farm & Garden Center today.

Cut Back Grass

Deciding when to first mow your lawn can be a tough decision. You want to cut your grass early enough in the season to promote growth and to help fortify your lawn, but mowing too early can actually hurt your lawn. There is no hard date for the first mow of the season because it all depends on the temperature and climate that you live in. A good rule of thumb is to wait until you see magnolia trees starting to bloom. These trees only bloom when the surrounding soil is at a comfortable 45 degrees Fahrenheit, a good growing temperature for your lawn. Make sure that it hasn’t rained in the past few days, as wet lawns can cause damage during mowing.

Prune Perennials

Pruning your perennials is crucial if you are looking to stimulate or inhibit their growth. As a simple rule of thumb, pruning in the winter promotes growth for most deciduous plants. Not only does it promote growth, but it is easier to see the shape and contour of your trees and bushes while there are fewer leaves on them. Perennials like roses like to be pruned after the last frost of the season. By cutting off old and dying growth from the year before you are actually promoting strong new growth for the coming spring.

Start Seeds Indoors

Do you love annual flowers but want to save a few bucks this year? You can always try germinating your own seeds to grow your flowers. Start your seeds indoors by planting each of them in a small starter pot. Starting your seedlings in a larger pot does not benefit them, the smaller the pot the better for each individual seed. You can get individual seedling trays, or cover them in a plastic dome to increase the heat to improve your chances of germination.

The Benefits of Preemergence

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn. Your lawn serves as the grand entryway to your home that everyone from your neighbors to your friends see every time they look at your home. Before spring hits it is important to put preemergence down on your lawn both to prevent weeds from taking root and to keep your lawn green and healthy. Preemergence formulas work by spreading around healthy and beneficial nutrients for your lawn to feed on while creating a barrier against any potential weeds from sprouting. For weeds that are currently bothering your lawn, we recommend using a weed killing products from Fertilome or even an afternoon of getting out and pulling up weeds.

Transplant Trees and Shrubs

Moving a tree can be a daunting task, and rightfully so. If you sever too many roots or damage the root ball, the tree can quickly die off. Now that the soil is starting to warm up from winter and new growth is about to begin, it is a perfect time to transplant any trees or shrubs that you want to move. Make sure that you dig up your tree or shrub using a shovel and work by hand to carefully avoid damaging the roots. If you are transplanting your tree or shrub into a wet location, make sure you dig out enough space beneath it and fill the deepest part of your hole with gravel or rocks to ensure proper drainage.

No matter what gardening supplies you need, you can always find great deals and helpful advice here at Burger Farm & Garden Center. Our expert staff will happily help you find the exact plants and supplies you need to make your garden beautiful. Happy gardening!