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What can I do for my Garden in July?

There might not be as much to garden during July, but this is a great opportunity to stop and take care of any chores to maintain a beautiful, healthy yard and garden. Here’s a quick and helpful checklist as you’re touching base with your home’s outdoor needs:

Pruning Shears


Thin out and prune your trees (especially if they produce fruit) to relieve stress and help them perk up. You’ll also want to make sure to deadhead any flowers that don’t look too good, which you can learn more about in our article here.

Caring for Plants and Animals

Make sure you’re watering the base of plants and trees, especially the ones you planted in the spring. Check out our article on watering tips here. Water and mow your lawn regularly, and be sure to take out any weeds along the way. Welcome the birds into your yard by putting out bird seeds and baths for them to relax in during the hot summer. You can also find ways to help all the pollinators in your garden in our article here. After setting that in place, you might want to propagate healthy plants to freshen up and spread out the beauty in your garden. And if you like to compost, turn and aerate the compost now to speed the decomposition process with minimal odor.

Peach Tree

Planting and Harvesting

You can start planting late summer and winter crops like beetroot, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, leeks, lettuce, and radishes. You’re also free to start harvesting crops you’ve planted, such as cucumber, garlic, onions, and peaches.

At Burger Farm and Garden Center, we want to equip everyone with the tools and knowledge to make their plants, lawn, and garden beautiful and healthy. Learn more and visit us today at burgerfarms.com.