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When Should I Water My Plants?

As you’ve most likely been enjoying the fun of buying tons of flowers and plants for your home this spring, it does make you wonder a very important question – when should I water these plants I bought? Though every plant is uniquely individual, we’ve put together a little guide for you based on the general type of plant you have:

Philodendron House Plant

Tropical and House Plants

Check on your house plants 1-2 times a week to see if they need a little pick-me-up with water. When you see the soil is dry or the leaves are wilting, this is a sure sign that they need water, but try not to wait until it gets to that point to give them a drink. However, if the leaves are yellow and wilting and the soil is moist, you might be overwatering and need to back off for a while.

Succulents and Cacti

These desert plants need more time between waterings for the soil to dry out, but you’ll want to water them nonetheless. For cacti and succulents, you’ll want to only water them once every week or every other week, depending on how bone-dry their soil is.

Hanging Basket and Garden


Most annuals need to be watered once every day or every other day because of being in the sun. If you notice them drooping instead of perking up, they’re being overwatered, and you’ll need to ease off.


Perennials are a little less maintenance than annuals. They only need to be watered 1-3 times a week. Much like an annual, if a perennial is drooping or wilting, it’s being overwatered.

Trees and Shrubs

You really need to soak the roots of your trees and shrubs when you water them. You know it’s time to water when the top 6-9 inches of soil are dry. When you first plant them, you’ll want to water them every 2-3 days until they’re established, in which case you can just water them 1-2 times a week.

Generally, with any plant, if the soil is dry to the touch, it needs water. You’ll want to water more often in the spring and summer (or whenever they grow most) and less in the fall and winter (or whenever they go dormant).

At Burger Farm and Garden Center, we want to equip everyone with the tools and knowledge to make their plants, lawn, and garden beautiful and healthy. Learn more and visit us today at burgerfarms.com.