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When Should I Divide my Perennials?

Dividing perennials encourages new growth, controls the size of the plant, increases the number of plants, and refreshes the plant. Consider dividing them at these times:

  • While the plant isn’t flowering, so its energy is focused on regenerating root and leaf tissue
  • Early spring in April or May for fall-blooming perennials
  • Early fall in September or October for spring and summer-blooming perennials

When you go to divide your perennials, keep these important steps in mind:

  1. Gently dig up the parent plant with a spade and remove any loose dirt around the roots.
  2. Separate the plant into an even number of smaller divisions by teasing or cutting the roots apart so each division has 3-5 shoots and a good supply of roots.
  3. Put slow-release nitrogen fertilizer and organic matter in the plant sites.
  4. Keep the plant shaded and watered until you go to plant them, as they don’t have the energy to pull from against the sun. Then replant in the same depth your divisions were growing in.

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