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Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators!

After more than 25 years of trialing plants, The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden knows which plants grow and look best in our region. By focusing that list to the plants that benefit pollinators the most, they have created the Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators Plant Series. They are calling these the “Zoo’s Best” Plants.

Working with Burger Farm and Garden Center, local plant growers and other independent local garden centers; the Zoo has branded a line of plants which gardeners can recognize as easy to grow, beautiful, and pollinator-friendly plants. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase will support further plant trialing at the Zoo.  For more information about the Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators Program, contact them at: zoosbest@cincinnatizoo.org.

Special Event – April 21st(11am – 12:30-pm) Burger Farm and Garden Center

Meet Scott Beuerlein from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens as he talks about how to create an all season’s habitat in your own back yard for plant pollinators through the use of selected annuals, perennials and shrubs.  Scott will be here to discuss the “Zoo’s Best” lists of plant material specifically selected to support our local pollinators.

Also, meet Justina Block, owner of Osmia Bee Company to learn about simple and effective ways to raise gentle native bees. “Our bees are safe and fun for the whole family!”

Create your own pollination space with gentle bee raising kits. Enjoy an extra 100 summer Leafcutter bee cocoons with every kit sold during our event.

  • Support the less-known bees that need your help
  • Enjoy an exponential increase in pollination for your garden, with no risk of stings or fancy equipment.
  • Take part in a mission to truly support nature, one backyard at a time.