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Thank you for thinking of us

Nobody knew what to expect at the start of March this year. Let’s face it, we still don’t know what’s really around the corner.

In the last 16 weeks or so, we have seen everyone, in every industry, make some sort of adjustment to help get through the challenges we have and will continue to face.

We want to take a few moments, as we did earlier in the season to tell you one very important thing, something that’s been on our minds, and we haven’t been able to figure out how to express it best: Thank you.

We realized we don’t need to reinvent the wheel- and a heartfelt, genuine THANK YOU really does hit the spot

Thank you for every single phone call, email, message through social media, heart, like, love, questions through our website, you name it. Thank you for ALL of it. When we, (as everyone else) had to employ drastic changes to our business model and shift how we’ve been operating for decades, you were there. Sure, we’ve grown with the times over the last generation, but let’s face it, the Spring of 2020 was like trying to keep 10 plates spinning on 10 different poles, precariously balanced on the tops of your 10 fingers, while wearing a mask, and making sure to keep 6 feet away from the next plate spinner.

We want to thank you for helping us pick up the pieces when we dropped a few of those plates. Because of your support and patience, we were able to offer curbside pickup ordering and online & phone orders, which we’ve never done before, and guess what- it went REALLY well. Sure, there were a few mishaps, but even when those happened, you were gracious, and we learned how to get better. You adapted to our rearranging of the garden center, the new guidelines, the longer lines, the shortages on some of your favorite plants, the substitutions, and we thank you.

Thank you for helping us connect with you. Thank you for inspiring US, as much as we hope to inspire you. Thank you for helping us grow.

We thank you for coming together with us and for maybe trying to plant ANY plant for the first time this spring, and for choosing us to help show you the way. We saw familiar faces through car windows, and made new friends in the drive thru line, and we’re so grateful. We’re humbled, as we were in mid March, by the outpouring of support you all showed us and by the sheer excitement we could FEEL when we were able to reopen safely, and you were there. Thank you. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you.