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It’s cold outside, but now is the time to start thinking about getting your favorite vegetable, herb or flower seeds started

While the temperature this weekend is supposed to be cold, what a better way to ward off the winter blues than by starting to plant some spring time green.  Yes, now is the time to start thinking about planting some of your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers from seed.  Its also a great indoor project that you can get the kids involved with and teach them a little bit about how the food we eat grows versus coming from a can from the local grocery.  Not a “green thumb”?  No worries, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can get you started inexpensively with the things you need.  Ever try growing your own fresh lettuce for your salads?  Leaf lettuce is one of the more easier plants to grow and there are many varieties of lettuce to choose from and Burger Farm has a wide selection of many favorites.  We even have some seed packets that have a blend of various lettuce seeds in them so you’ll have a nice garden mix.  With some lettuce maturing in as early as 45 days; it wont take long to reap the rewards of your efforts!  Herbs are another garden favorite.  You might try growing some Basil in order to make your own pesto!  Or maybe try some Cilantro, Dill, Oregano or Parsley.  The first day of spring is only 53 days away, so it wont be long before warmer temperatures and sunnier skies take over.  We can’t wait!