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How do I Keep Invasive Species Away?

Invasive species are organisms not native to a particular area that disrupt and reduce the biodiversity in the area, and therefore, the way an ecosystem is able to function well in an autonomous manner. These gradually harmful pests can range from creatures like bullfrogs, stink bugs, and carp and plants like honeysuckle, garlic mustard, buckthorn, poison ivy, wild parsnip, and cattail. If you want to protect your land and promote healthy growth for the ecosystem in your community, here are some things you can do:

Clean House

Muddy Shoes

Make sure any shoes you wear out and equipment you take with you are clean when you get home from a trip. And if you have one, clean out your boat, too! Generally, when you’re out in nature on land or water, you want to make sure your clothes, boots, animals, gear, trailer, boat, and so on are drained, clean, dry, and rid of any other plants, animals, or mud. Tracking that home unclean could bring along with you an invasive species, no matter how big or small.

Watch Where You Toss

When you’re dumping out water, plants, or even animals, you need to make sure that what you release is native to that area. That’s right, the things growing in your yard might be native or compatible with your land while seen as an invasive species somewhere else. Another thing to consider is if, for example, you decide to dump out your aquarium fish, it may be considered exotic to the new location and could be harmful to the ecosystem.


Camp With Caution

If you decide to stay out in nature for a while, be very careful how you leave your home away from home behind. Be mindful of moving firewood from one location to another because you might be moving invasive critters living in it somewhere else they’re not as welcome, so use local firewood to make your campfire. And leave behind plants, fruits, and seeds behind when traveling or crossing the border, as whatever you bring could be fine where you’re from but a troublemaker to neighboring or distant lands.

You can always check with who you buy your plants and animals from to ensure they’re not an invasive species in your area and you know what alternatives to use. You might think that yellow flower is pretty, but it could be the beginning of a long, growing problem that’s harder to stop down the road! Even choosing weed-free alternatives like the feed for your horse could stop the spread of invasive species like weeds.

At Burger Farm and Garden Center, we want to equip everyone with the tools and knowledge to make their plants, lawn, and garden beautiful and healthy. Learn more and visit us today at burgerfarms.com.