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Gardening Tips – Mr. Burger, I Think My Crape Myrtle Is Dead; How Can I Tell for Sure?

Crape Myrtle 1Patience, patience, patience! Crape Myrtles typically are very slow to show signs of being alive and showing new growth in the spring. While Crape Myrtles are hardy for our area; it’s not uncommon for prior year’s growth to be “dead as a doornail” after a hard winter.

Last Year’s Growth May Be Gone But Your Crape Myrtles Could Still be Alive!

Just because last year’s growth is dead that does not mean the whole plant is dead! In most cases it means that you are probably just going to lose half to two thirds of the prior year’s growth. Check out the gallery below to see what happened to one of my Crape Myrtles after a tough winter. The other pictures show what could happen to the Crape Myrtle that you may think is dead… you might be in for a great surprise!

Burger Farm has a good selection of Crape Myrtles and our staff is more than happy to help you decide if it’s the right plant for your garden or landscaping project. 

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burgersentrance1The Most Beautiful Yards in Cincinnati come from Burger Farm and Garden Center. Family owned and operated since 1904, we supply all of your landscape and gardening needs in one convenient spot. We provide our customers the freshest plants and best gardening accessories in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our full time staff has over 100 years of experience in the gardening business and are always ready to help. Throughout the year Burger Farms also transforms itself into holiday specific attractions for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!
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